In this webinar Steve Wells, creator of Intention Tapping, outlines and demonstrates how you can use this new emotional healing process to free yourself from the stresses of living in a world which always seems to be at war, where everyone seems to be offended, angry, or upset at someone or something. Learn how Intention… Read More »Intention Tapping for Inner Peace Webinar Recording
By Steve Wells Often, we avoid taking action even on things that we know are important to us. There’s lots of reasons for that, some of which I explored in my course on Overcoming Procrastination with Intention Tapping (Get the recordings here). Today I want to give you some tips for using Intention Tapping to… Read More »What are you avoiding? How to get over it and get what you want.
Webinar: Tapping de l’Intention pour trouver la paix dans un monde incertain (Intention Tapping to find Peace in an Uncertain World – in French and English) Au cours de ce webinaire, Steve Wells présente son Intention Tapping Process (IEP) révolutionnaire, et comment il peut être appliqué rapidement et efficacement pour (re)trouver la paix dans ce… Read More »Tapping de l’Intention pour trouver la paix dans un monde incertain
How (and why) I overcame my resistance and became a practitioner By Sally Rundle It was June 2021 and I was going through the IEP level 2 training with Steve. I was diligently showing up for the online sessions, doing practice sessions with other participants and intent on getting the most from the experience. My… Read More »Why do Certification?
By Irene Ödmark-Hall About a year ago the chair of the Swedish EFT Association (EFT Förbundet) decided to step down. Her decision opened up for change. Who was going to take over? Part of me really wanted to be that person, thinking I’d be quite perfect for the job. Another part worried about what it… Read More »IEP Resolves Chairwoman Dilemma
In this inspiring and practical 75-minute webinar, Steve Wells, creator of Intention Tapping, shows how you can use this powerful mind-body approach to release your stress, anxiety, and worry over troubling world events and find inner peace. The session includes a demonstration of Intention Tapping with two volunteers. Want to learn more about Intention Tapping?… Read More »Intention Tapping for a Worrying World Webinar Recording

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