Can you feel it? The air is thick with the pressure of expectations, the weight of obligations, and the burden of guilt at this time of year. In Australia and many other countries, Christmas looms large as a time when everyone is supposed to get together and play “happy families”, do the right thing and… Read More »Is your Christmas turkey stuffed with guilt?
By Steve Wells "A teacher of fear can’t bring peace on Earth.We have been trying to do it that way for thousands of years.The person who turns inner violence around,the person who finds peace inside and lives it,is the one who teaches what true peace is.We are waiting for just one teacher.You’re the one."(Byron Katie)… Read More »Intention Tapping for World Peace: Step 1
Intention Tapping™: libérer l'anxiété, trouver le calme, créer la clarté (Webinar Recording in French & English: Release Anxiety, Find Calm, Create Clarity) Dans ce webinaire inspirant et pratique, Steve Wells, créateur d'Intention Tapping (TM), vous montrera comment utiliser cette approche corps-esprit révolutionnaire pour libérer la véritable cause de votre stress et de votre anxiété :… Read More »Webinar: Intention Tapping™: libérer l’anxiété, trouver le calme, créer la clarté
It’s amazing how far acceptance of tapping has come in a few short years.The other day I woke to see that a friend had shared a clip from Eastenders, a British TV soap, where a character Amy uses EFT tapping for her difficult emotions. Then I came to work to learn that ACEP member Rick… Read More »Is Tapping at the Tipping Point?
Webinar Recordings: Stop Holding Yourself Back! How to get Unstuck and Say 100% YES! to Your Goals By Steve Wells In these recordings from his free webinars, Steve Wells, creator of Intention Tapping, shows you how to use this amazing approach to get over your inner blocks and barriers and get into action. Two webinars were… Read More »Free Webinars: Get Unstuck & Say 100% YES! to Your Goals
In this webinar Steve Wells, creator of Intention Tapping, outlines and demonstrates how you can use this new emotional healing process to free yourself from the stresses of living in a world which always seems to be at war, where everyone seems to be offended, angry, or upset at someone or something. Learn how Intention… Read More »Intention Tapping for Inner Peace Webinar Recording

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