Intention Tapping

Release Stress and Restore Flow

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Learn about Intention Tapping with Steve Wells interviewed by Dawson Church

use IEP to quickly restore your energy to flow, bringing you to a place of clarity, calm and inner peace. And you’ll reconnect with your personal power to achieve your goals with less stress.

If you are a coach, counsellor, therapist or practitioner: Learn to use IEP to help your clients rapidly release their inner resistance to creating positive changes, and develop new skills for working with difficult issues.

Steve Wells

Steve Wells is an internationally recognised psychologist, leadership coach and peak performance consultant who has helped thousands of people worldwide to overcome limitations and achieve their goals.

IEP combines tapping with specific definite intentions that act as commands to your unconscious mind to release the emotional attachments behind your problems and restore your body energy back to flow.

After using IEP, you usually discover not only that you feel better, you also have greater clarity to make decisions, and can more easily access the personal power to achieve your goals. In this way, IEP can be a powerful tool for peak performance as well as for emotional healing.

Get Started with Intention Tapping

Watch this recording of a free webinar presented by Steve Wells on how to use Intention Tapping to release anxiety, find calm, and create clarity. 

Join from the safety and comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world.

This special 3-part workshop presented live online via zoom video will show you how to use this exciting new emotional healing technique to create powerful positive changes for yourself and others.

Using IEP you can quickly quiet your mind, calm your emotions and access your inner resources.

This workshop is the first step for those who would like to become certified as practitioners in Intention Tapping / IEP, and is also open to those wanting to learn it for self-help.

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