Many people think Intention Tapping / IEP is just EFT tapping with a few intentions added. However, the entire approach and the philosophy behind Intention Tapping is very different to conventional EFT, and I'd like to share with you some of those important differences.  The way we do tapping is different. The intentions we use are… Read More »This is NOT your ordinary tapping…
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By Steve Wells Like many of us you may have found yourself getting upset by what’s happening in the world recently.If so, I hope what I've written here can help you to manage those emotional upsets better.Apart from your own emotional reactions to what's happening, you may also be seeing the whole range of other… Read More »Let life move you
by Liesel Teversham It’s fascinating how what we believe about ourselves (the kind of person we are) determines so much of our behaviour. For example, I see myself as the kind of person who usually waits for others to go first, doesn’t like to step on others’ toes, and doesn’t want to disappoint or… Read More »How a belief can change with Intention Tapping
I love the sentiments in the Lennon-Ono song "War is Over":A very merry ChristmasAnd a Happy New Year,Let's hope it's a good oneWithout any fearIn fact, Christmas, and “the holidays” can be a time fraught with angst, stress, conflict and unmet expectations for many of us in cultures where this is celebrated.If this applies to… Read More »Intention Tapping for Christmas Upsets & Angst
On this page you will find the recordings from two free 90-minute Experience Intention Tapping group coaching sessions presented by Steve Wells. In these sessions, Steve outlines the basics of Intention Tapping / Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), answers questions about the approach, and demonstrates it with volunteers. We hope you enjoy these recordings, and encourage… Read More »Experience Intention Tapping Group Coaching Recordings
By Alistair Richardson When I was at university (both times!) I could only make myself write a required essay one week before the deadline. I tried hard to break this pattern…but to no avail. I just accepted that this was how I worked and justified it by comparing it to a chemistry experiment where an… Read More »How I overcame procrastination with Intention Tapping

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