By Alistair Richardson When I was at university (both times!) I could only make myself write a required essay one week before the deadline. I tried hard to break this pattern…but to no avail. I just accepted that this was how I worked and justified it by comparing it to a chemistry experiment where an… Read More »How I overcame procrastination with Intention Tapping
This is the recording of a presentation on Intention Tapping given by Steve Wells at the 2021 Accidental Counsellor Conference. The conference is an annual online event presented by Human Connections and hosted by Rocky Biasi, trained counsellor and creator of the Accidental Counsellor training programs. In this video Steve provides the background on development… Read More »Intention Tapping: Video of Conference Presentation
Providing effective end-of-life care to patients and their families Note from Steve Wells: I am so pleased to present this touching and inspiring article by Sue Marsden and Mandy Parris-Piper on their team approach to tapping in palliative care. Sue has been integral in getting tapping accepted into palliative care in New Zealand and she… Read More »Tapping in Palliative Care

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