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Overcome Resistance with Intention Tapping and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) – Online

Learn this unique approach to rapidly cut through resistance, negative beliefs and other emotional barriers to get right to the heart of problems, and release them.

Change your life – and help others – using Humour, Paradox, and the Power of Intention

Online Workshop presented by Steve Wells

17, 18, and 24 October (9am to 1pm each day in Italian time)

(Presented in English with translation to Italian)

If you want to change or you help others change the biggest challenge you will face is resistance.

Resistance presents in your life as fear, avoidance, procrastination, self-doubt  and self-sabotage.

Unless you overcome this resistance, you (and anyone you seek to help) can’t be free to create the life you or they really want.

This workshop will teach you a unique approach to rapidly release resistance and access your energy and power for positive change.

And you’ll learn how to make change easier and more fun!

You’ll learn 3 powerful Energy Psychology modalities and how to combine them to create rapid and lasting changes:  

  • Simple Energy Techniques (SET) tapping,

  • Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), or Intention Tapping, and, mostly,

  • Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)

Practitioners and coaches can expect to leave with new options in their therapeutic repertoire, and more elegant skills in working with difficult clients.

What is Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)?

like having a sauna bath, relieving, refreshing, just great, clear thoughts, limiting beliefs gone.” 

— Eva Maria Lundell, MD, Munich

Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) is a unique integrative energy psychology approach created by Steve Wells and Dr David Lake which combines energy tapping with humorous and paradoxical language patterns and techniques drawn from Provocative Therapy to create transformational changes.

PET addresses the multi-level nature of problems through warmth, liberating laughter, and spontaneity, elegantly addressing both mind and body in therapy.

PET can make deep level changes fast, fun, and enjoyable for both clients and practitioners.

How Does it Work?

PET’s provocative language and techniques bypass resistance and rapidly get to the core of problems to draw out energy and power for change (the root meaning of provoke = to draw out). Skilful tapping combined with warm, empathic humour brings rapid relief from negative emotions. Heart energy flows through and completes the healing. It’s a powerful combination.

This workshop also counts towards PET practitioner certification: See more

What is IEP and Intention Tapping?

The intentions used in IEP act as commands to your unconscious mind to release the emotional attachments behind your problems, to unblock the body energy disturbances and restore your life energy to flow. As a consequence, you gain immediate access to your inner strengths and resources for positive change.

When tapping is combined with IEP, the tapping works in concert with the powerful intentions to harmonize the feelings in the body and bring you back into emotional balance.

This gentle and natural process often creates rapid positive shifts in thinking and feeling which are surprising and enduring.

“The speed and ease of this process makes it very powerful and wide ranging in a way that standard EFT/tapping (which is excellent) can’t manage… Apart from the speed the other wow factor for me is the harnessing of the unconscious mind to do what it does best by following its own links and associations which are hidden from our own conscious mind. In my opinion the combination of power and grace in the ‘Intention Tapping’ processes are worth their weight in gold.”
– Andy Hunt, EFT International Trainer, NLP Trainer, Practical Wellbeing, UK

What is SET?

Simple Energy Techniques (SET) is a user-friendly energy tapping approach developed by Steve Wells and Dr David Lake which can often provide rapid relief for emotional problems and some physical problems. SET evolved from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and is equally effective, and more user-friendly and efficient. SET can also be easily combined with other therapeutic approaches to improve your results. In this workshop, we’ll combine SET with IEP and PET in unique ways that will delight and astound.

How the online workshop will work:

We’ll meet live online via zoom video, where everyone can see and interact with each other just like in a live workshop. All you’ll need is an internet connection and a laptop, device or computer with camera and microphone.

Here’s what a zoom group video session looks like: 

Steve will teach you these powerful techniques via live demonstrationsexperiential exercises, and group practice sessions, with plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and to experience and practice the techniques.

You’ll learn how to use tapping and IEP to relieve negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, grief, trauma.

Next, you’ll learn how to use Intention Tapping to rapidly release emotional hooks, restore clarity and calm, and access inner resources and confidence for change.

Then you’ll learn some of the key provocative and humorous change patterns of Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) including how to create powerful heart-based connections with other people, how to use humour for healing of yourself and others, and how to bring rapid relief to core issues.

Finally, you’ll learn how to combine these approaches in ways that will enrich your life and lighten up you and anyone you touch.

Steve Wells is an internationally recognised psychologist, leadership coach, and peak performance consultant from Perth, Western Australia. Steve has been using and teaching Energy Psychology techniques for the past 23 years and is co-developer (with Dr. David Lake) of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET), and he also developed Intention-based Energy Process (IEP).

Steve has helped thousands of people to transform their life and results through his worldwide seminars and workshops. He also has a track record of using Energy Psychology to enhance performance in the corporate and sporting worlds, and consults with corporate leaders and elite athletes to help them improve their performance and enhance the performance of their teams.

Steve is the author of 100% YES! and co-author of 5 other books, including Enjoy Emotional Freedom, New Energy Therapies, and The PET Manual.

Steve’s special blend of humour and warm-hearted provocation means his workshops are always full of fun and laughter whilst at the same time dealing with deep issues.

What others say about PET and Steve’s Training:

“The heart continues to be grateful for the light you made me see in me, and to which you gave voice and wings. Because freedom feels like a laugh made together. Finally. After watching the fear go away. I love you.” – Paola, participant in Desenzano Workshop

“…when Steve has finished working with you,  you cannot stop smiling … you do not even remember what actually was your problem or if you had a problem at all…” – Viria Romagnoli, Soul Voice Practitioner, PET Practitioner, Italy

“I attended in Rome the seminar on Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)  and I loved it. I found it enriching, exciting, very fun and very useful…

Steve introduced IEP (Intention Energy Process) and allowed us to do extensive practice … The simplicity and power of the technique are remarkable in dissolving blocks and negativity inherent in sabotage.

Steve also held several sessions with provocative style (PET)… He is really a master in generating laughter and perspective changes through the provocation made with the HEART.

Back to my work, I immediately wanted to apply IEP and PET … I did it with due caution. The client laughed a lot and we had so much fun in a genuine way. She felt great relief from the heavy emotions she wanted to overcome and confirmed that laughter was really a medicine! During the second session, she was much lighter, had a different light on her face and reported changes in points of view and emotions. I will certainly continue to use this approach with my clients, as I am using IEP often and with benefit for myself.

…thank you for dedicating yourself to bringing these techniques to the knowledge of the Italian public.”  – Alessandro Dargenio, Professional Business and Life Coach

“Thank you for your amaaaaaazing workshop! Thank you for your compassion, wit, intelligence, acceptance and your wide open heart. I continue to benefit from it greatly on a personal and a professional level. With clients I was amazed at how light things were despite the numerous deep issues that were treated … AND it’s so much fun for everyone!” — Christine Blanchet, EFT Trainer, France/UK

“A most fantastic experience …. You have taken this work to a whole new level… your work is the therapy of the future.” – Sharon Toole, Psychotherapist, Toronto, Canada

“After the first 2 days of PET, I knew this is something special, unlike anything I have learned in the past decade, studying many of the different tapping modalities, NLP, and so on…

The PET workshops have been life-transforming for me personally, as well as for me as a coach. It has shattered by previous belief system in such an empowering way that I have more fun in life, more fun in sessions, and most of all, better results with clients…

If you want results, and if you care about getting the best results for your clients while having the most fun possible, this is a must have in your skill-set for life…”

– Sebastiaan van der Schrier, Social Anxiety Coach, Netherlands

“I feel absolutely fantastic. Not just good or great, but more alive, content and at peace with myself than I can ever remember feeling… It’s like a heavy shroud of darkness has been lifted off me. I feel totally different in my body – bigger, stronger, lighter, more upright, full of potential and charged with energy …I am so much more approving of myself with all my foibles and so much more positive in my outlook to my life… My deepest and most sincere thanks.” — Charles Cuninghame, Sydney

Although I had been using EFT successfully with clients for several years, the fine tuning and addition of the PET techniques profoundly expanded my effectiveness … I am amazed at how much more quickly and comfortably clients have been moving through their issues, pain and trauma. I have received several phone calls thanking me for, as one client said, ‘bringing me the first feeling of peace I have had in months’.” — Lynda Malerstein, C. Ht. Power Journeys Hypnosis, USA

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the best course I’ve been on in years. There were so many aha moments, I’m still stunned. So many pieces fell into place, it was amazing.”
– Jaqui Crooks, EFT Master, UK

Workshop Details:

Dates and Times:

Saturday 17, Sunday 18, and Saturday 24 October:

9am to 1pm Italian time each day (with breaks)

Venue: Online via Zoom Video Conferencing

We will send access details to your email address upon enrollment.


Early bird: € 169 (If you register before 31 July 2020)

Full fee: € 199 (If you register after 31 July)

Past participants discount Please contact us for a special invoice

To Register: 

Click here to register securely at the discount rate or use the Register Now button below:


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Cancellation Policy: No refunds, however your place is transferable to another person subject to written notification and confirmation by us.


In English: Use this contact form

In Italian: Contact Andrea Fredi [email protected]

Note: Participation in this online workshop depends upon your taking full responsibility for your own mental, emotional and physical health. You also must acknowledge that some of the techniques Steve will be using and demonstrating are experimental with no guaranteed results for any particular user. Just because results have been positive for many others does not mean they will be for you. You further agree to consult your physician or professional therapist regarding your use of the techniques if you are dealing with mental/emotional or physical health issues.

You will be responsible for connecting with the calls, and having internet connection, working video, microphone and speakers. If a call doesn’t happen due to a problem on our end, another call will be scheduled on similar day of week and time and you will be advised.
Recordings will only be provided technology willing and thus are not guaranteed so you are highly recommended to attend the sessions live.