An exclusive group coaching program to help you become free to build your business your way.

Presented by Steve Wells

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In this group coaching program you’ll learn the key steps to grow your business and use Intention Tapping to release the emotional blocks that have been holding you back, so you can go for it 100%!

businesswoman triumphFear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of self promotion, fear of success – these are the things that hold most people back from really going for it and building the business and life of their dreams.

Join this live online group coaching program and release whatever has been holding you back from saying 100% YES! to your business success!

You’ll learn how to overcome your inner blocks AND how to grow your business.

“The effects of this training are incredible: in just one week I have completely re-built my website (procrastination delay: 2 years), hired an assistant (procrastination delay: 1 year) and raised my prices by 50%.” – Anne-Francoise Gailly, Coach & Therapist, Belgium

You’ll Discover:

  • The keys to sustainable success in business: How to build a business that serves you and makes a difference in the world.

  • How to break through your hidden emotional and belief barriers to success using Intention Tapping and Peak Performance Energy Techniques.

  • You’ll learn how to release your fears, gain clarity on your direction, and access your strengths and inner power to make it happen.

womanopeningshopWherever you are in your business (starting out or looking to grow), this program will help you to take it to the next level by unlocking your energy for positive action.

Grow yourself to grow your business.

What You’ll Learn

√  How to break through the hidden beliefs blocking your success and access your  entrepreneurial spirit

√  How to overcome fear of rejection and self-promotion to successfully market and sell yourself and your services

√  The steps to overcome financial fears and money blocks so you can manage and grow your business finances

√  How to charge what your products and services are worth

√  The steps to take to move your business to the next level, no matter where you are starting from

√  How to overcome procrastination and get yourself moving so your business dream becomes a reality!

√  How you can succeed in business and still have a life!

“Without a doubt the BEST, most productive training I have ever been to and I have the results to prove it. Business has flowed beautifully since I’ve returned. Thank you.”– Cheryl Trevers, Peak Performance Coach, CanadaSteve and AnneMarie Sydney

What’s different about this program?

  • Most business programs give you information but that information is useless if you don’t address your subconscious blocks – You won’t act on the information if your nervous system rejects it.

  • EFT trainings teach you tapping but many EFT practitioners don’t have a good understanding of business, so they don’t give you the crucial strategies you need to succeed in running a business.

  • This program combines the power of Energy Techniques to break through your emotional and belief blocks with proven business success strategies to give you the best of both worlds!

You’ll learn and experience these 3 powerful Energy Techniques:

Simple Energy Techniques (SET), a simple and gentle acupressure tapping approach developed by Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake.

Intention Tapping, aka Intention-based Energy Process (IEP): An exciting new process developed by Steve Wells that combines tapping with specific intentions that engage the power of your unconscious mind to release negative beliefs, restore clarity, and bring you back into the flow.

Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) which uses humour and powerful provocative change techniques to trigger transformational changes.

You’ll be joining a group of like-minded business owners, from beginning to established, for inspiration, mutual support, and borrowing benefits!

How the program will work (and more benefits):

You’ll meet live with Steve Wells and the other group members via zoom video conference for 9 x 90-minute sessions commencing in April.

In each session, Steve will present some actionable business-building content and show you how to use Intention Tapping to overcome your blocks to success. He’ll coach volunteers live  in each session to release emotional blocks related to an area of business success. You’ll be able to volunteer to work with Steve and tap along to gain benefits when others are being coached.

You’ll take this back to your business and put it into practice between sessions.

We predict you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that taking action in areas that were difficult is easier, in some cases even enjoyable! That can’t be guaranteed but its what many previous participants have enjoyed.

You can join the program from the safety and comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world!

Every session will be recorded, technology willing, so you can catch up on missed sessions, and review as many times as you like.


Steve Wells is an internationally recognised leadership coach and peak performance consultant who specialises in helping you  overcome the hidden blocks to achieving your goals. He regularly consults and presents worldwide with business achievers and elite athletes to improve their performance.

Steve has been running a successful training and development business for 22 years. He has helped businesses from start-ups to large corporations to grow and succeed.  For 22 years he presented on peak performance and business resilience to business owners at the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Curtin University, where his programs are credited with creating many success stories.

Steve is a pioneer in Energy Psychology. Together with Dr. David Lake he developed Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET). He also created Intention Tapping / Intention-based Energy Process (IEP). (You’ll get to experience it in this program!) He is the author of 100% YES! and co-author of 4 other books including Enjoy Emotional Freedom and New Energy Therapies.

Steve’s programs are always inspiring, engaging and fun, and are filled with practical strategies you can use immediately to get better results – with less stress!

What other people say about Steve Wells and his programs:

“A big thank you for the best course I’ve been on in years. There were so many aha moments, I’m still stunned. So many pieces fell into place, it was amazing …”
– Jaqui Crooks, EFT Master, London, UK

“Since Steve Wells came on board, our company has consistently exceeded our performance targets.”
– Alan Thomas, when Managing Director, Hayes Knight (WA)

“Fantastic! I have attended many workshops over the years, but none provided me with the proper tools to overcome my thinking habits like your workshop enabled me to… your strategies and use of tapping had a profound effect on the way I now think about goal setting, planning & my issues relating to money.”
– Ed Keay-Smith,
Business Owner, Adwords MarketingBusiness Breakthrough Workshop Group London

“After spending a day at one of Steve’s seminars the switch in my brain turned on. From that day forward I have never lost focus on my journey towards excellence.”
– David Henderson, General Manager, Welltech Water Management (Took his business to $20 million per year turnover, heading for $30 million)

“Working with Steve Wells helped me to increase my income and find a work/life balance that suits my lifestyle. I recommend his programs to anyone wanting to grow their business without losing all the fun in their lives.”
– Emma Watson, Psychologist, Bunbury, Western Australia

Program Details and Registration

Join from anywhere in the world using your computer, phone, or tablet.

Dates and Times:

The 9 x 90-minute Live Group Coaching sessions will be held at 4.00pm Perth Western Australia time (GMT +8) on the dates below.

Session times will vary depending on your location. Click on the link for each date to check the time of that session in your area:

Session 1: Tuesday 6 April 2021

Session 2: Tuesday 20 April 2021

Session 3: Tuesday 4 May 2021

Session 4: Tuesday 18 May 2021

Session 5: Tuesday 8 June 2021

Session 6: Tuesday 22 June 2021

Session 7: Tuesday 6 July 2021

Session 8: Tuesday 3 August 2021

Session 9: Tuesday 10 August 2021


You will also gain access to the Go for it Video Program PLUS the Overcome Self-Sabotage with Intention Tapping Program valued at $199.

You’ll also get a free copy of the 100% YES! Energy of Success eBook, valued at $14.99.

You’ll be able to join an exclusive private Facebook group for business owners to share ideas and get advice and support, with regular input from Steve.


Strictly limited to 16 group members, allocated first come first served.

Early Bird: $497 (If you register before 23 March)
Full Fee:      $597 (If you register after  23 March)

Rates quoted are in Australian dollars.

Click here to register now for a single payment of $497

Want a payment plan?

Click here to register with 5 x monthly payments of $110 (total $550)

Cancellation policy:

As this is an intensive small group program relying on your full commitment, no refunds are available.


Use this contact form to contact us online

Important Requirements: 


This is a group coaching program designed to help you achieve your business and life goals. It is not designed to cure or treat any illness or physical or mental health condition. If you have mental or physical health problems you should consult a physician or mental health professional.


We will be using Zoom video conferencing which requires you to have a computer, phone, or tablet with internet connection and a camera / webcam.

Prior to commencing the program you should download the latest version of zoom from

We’ll send you a unique link and passcode for each call and you’ll simply click on the link and enter the passcode to join.

You will be responsible for connecting with the calls, and having working video, microphone and speakers. If a call doesn’t happen due to a problem on our end, another call will be scheduled at a future date on same day of week and time and you will be advised.

If a call doesn’t happen due to a problem on our end, another call will be scheduled at a future date at a similar time.


As this is a small group program, you will be expected to participate actively as a supportive group member.

Calls will be recorded and by signing up and participating in the calls you give permission to being recorded. However, recordings are dependent on technology, and therefore cannot be guaranteed, so you are recommended to attend the sessions live.

Participation in this program is contingent on your acknowledging that you take full responsibility for your own mental, emotional and physical health. You also must acknowledge that many of the techniques used are experimental with no guaranteed outcomes for any particular user, and just because results have been positive for others does not mean they will be for you. You further agree to consult your physician or professional therapist regarding your participation in the program and your use of the techniques, especially if you are dealing with mental or physical health issues.