Intention Tapping Level 2

Intention Tapping Level 2: Practitioner Essentials Training

Presented by Steve Wells

New program commencing in June 2023

Two groups to suit different time zones.

Limited places – apply now!

This online training conducted live via zoom video will equip you with the essential skills, understandings, principles and practices to use Intention Tapping / Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) effectively in your work with clients.

It is also the next step towards becoming certified as an Intention Tapping and IEP Practitioner for those who have completed introductory level training. See more about practitioner certification here. If you have not yet completed introductory level training, you can find out about current workshops here.

How it will work:

The program consists of 15-16 hours of live online interactive group training together with 6+ hours of practice sessions that you will need to arrange with fellow students.

We will meet live online via zoom video over 9 sessions. The first session will be 2 hours and subsequent sessions will be 90-100 minutes.

Sessions will be interactive and will include a blend of theory and practice. Each session will likely include presentation of content (background, theory, principles and practice), client demonstrations, experiential exercises, whole group and small group practice modules with supervision, and plenty of interactive question and answer segments. And we’ll also have a lot of fun!

Steve will also use a bit of Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) in his work, which involves humour and playful provocation. For this reason, to attend you MUST have a working sense of humour and be unconcerned by politically incorrect language or adult themes as PET / Steve often plays with and exaggerates stereotypes and rigid thinking patterns to help you release attachments and get you thinking and feeling in new ways.

If you do not have a working sense of humour or you are upset by politically incorrect language this training is not for you!

Recordings will be provided and by participating you give permission to being recorded and acknowledge that recordings will be shared with others who are learning Intention Tapping / IEP.

Two groups will be run at different times (see details below). You will also have access to the recordings from both groups and are strongly recommended to view the recordings from the other group, especially the coaching demonstrations.

There will also be a private Facebook group for group members to communicate with each other, arrange practice sessions, ask your questions, and give and gain support to each other. 

Commitment: Your active participation in this program is essential. Whilst recordings will be provided, technology willing, it is essential you join the sessions live, both to gain credit towards practitioner certification, to learn, understand and use this approach effectively, and also to develop trust in the group. If you miss a session you will need to show that you have caught up and applied the material from the recordings. If you are unable to attend more than 2 sessions live you may need to repeat the training in order to proceed towards certification.

Pre-requisites to join the Practitioner Training:

You must first complete an Introductory level 1 Intention Tapping training, or equivalent: see below on this page for a full list of programs and combinations that qualify as pre-requisite training.

You also need to have applied Intention Tapping / IEP with yourself and some others prior to applying to join the practitioner training (they can be friends and fellow students).

You must agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics for Intention Tapping Practitioners and Students – A copy is included at the bottom of this page.

Ideally you also have at least the following. If you do not have these pre-requisites you may apply to be admitted based on your experience and skills. If you are unsure please contact us.

  • Familiarity with tapping as used in EFT and SET. Ideally you are a practitioner in EFT, SET, TFT, PET or other energy tapping modality however that is not essential.
  • Some understanding of basic counselling skills and ideally some experience in working with others in a helping capacity.
  • Agree to adhere to the code of ethics (this is essentially about having good values, looking after your clients, and working with integrity. Read more at the bottom of this page).
  • Essential: You must have an open heart and integrity in your work with clients. Essentially, this means you accept your client, seek to connect with them at a deep level, feel and express warm feelings towards them, hold them in your esteem, and aim always for their empowerment. It can perhaps best be expressed as compassionate love and affection. If you don’t know what compassionate love and affection feels like — and can’t demonstrate that quality in your work — then it’s likely (regardless of any prior training) that this program / certification is not for you.

Important Note: Completion of this training does not on its own automatically certify you as an Intention Tapping Practitioner. That will require further supervised practice and mentoring sessions, using Intention Tapping / IEP with enough clients, completion of an assessment and demonstration of competency. If you decide to become certified, mentoring sessions and your application for certification will incur additional fees. See here for full certification requirements.

Dates and Times

There will be two different groups to suit different time zones. To determine which group best suits your time zone check the links below.

The first session will be 2 hours and subsequent sessions will be 90-100 minutes.

Group 1: 9.00am Perth West Australia time (GMT + 8)

  • This will be 6pm US Pacific / 9pm US Eastern time on June 14, 21, July 5, 19, August 9, 23, September 6, 20, October 4.

Group 2: 4.00pm Perth West Australia time (GMT + 8)

  • A maximum of 18 places are available in each group.
  • Steve will also be inviting 2-3 mentors to support in each group.


Use this Contact form to contact us via email.

Phone Inquiries: Within Australia 08 9271 9271 (Perth business hours)

From Overseas: +61 8 9271 9271

Fees and Registration

Registration is now open!!

Live access to all 9 sessions for your chosen group.

Bonus: You’ll also get the recordings from BOTH groups (technology willing) to view and review as often as you like.

Please check the pre-requisites before applying and contact us if unsure.

Registration Fee in Australian dollars:

Earlybird: $499 (by 28 April 2023)

Full fee: $599 (after 28 April 2023)

Please carefully check your group times using the links given above before registering.

Refunds: As these are limited-numbers groups, no refunds are available for any reason.

Important Requirements: 

Technology: We will be using Zoom video conferencing which is just like a live workshop where you can see everyone else in the group. You’ll need to download the latest zoom application prior to the first session from

You will be responsible for connecting with the calls, and having working video camera, microphone and speakers. If a call doesn’t happen due to a problem on our end, another call will be scheduled at a future date on same day of week and time and you will be advised.

Participation: Participation in this training is contingent on your acknowledging that you take full responsibility for your own mental, emotional and physical health. You also must acknowledge that many of the techniques used are experimental with no guaranteed outcomes for any particular user, and just because results have been positive for others does not mean they will be for you. You further agree to consult your physician or professional therapist regarding your use of the techniques, especially if you are dealing with mental or physical health issues.

Full List of Pre-requisite Training

If you have attended a Level 1 Intention Tapping Online Workshop you may attend this training.

 If you have attended one or more face-to-face workshops with Steve Wells incorporating Intention Tapping in the past 4-5 years, you may also apply to be admitted to the practitioner level training:

  • Intention Tapping Workshops: London, Sydney, Perth, Manchester, Auckland
  • Combined IEP and PET Workshops: Italy, Toronto, Strasbourg

If you have completed the Uncommon Energy Practitioners Supervision and Development program as well as other online programs incorporating Intention Tapping, you may apply to be admitted at the discretion of the trainer.

If you have completed several (Minimum 3) of the following online programs with Steve Wells and extensively applied Intention Tapping, you may apply to be admitted at the discretion of the trainer:

100% YES!, Intention Tapping to Release and Restore, Overcome Self-Sabotage with Intention Tapping, Overcome Anxiety with Intention Tapping, Emotional Resilience, Business Breakthrough, Thriving not just Surviving , Libérer et restaurer avec le Tapping Intentionnel, Tap into YES, 100% YES! Business, Overcome Procrastination with Intention Tapping

Code of Ethics for Intention Tapping Practitioners and Students

In a Nutshell: Respect for others; integrity and honesty; justice; lawfulness; competence and accountability

Maintain an open heart and integrity at all times in your work with clients.

Use Intention Tapping in the spirit and format it was created: Show fidelity to the process as outlined and demonstrated in the training.

Work within the laws of your country and do not engage in criminal conduct.

Treat clients fairly and with care and respect.

Make clear agreements and deliver on what you promise.

Maintain clear boundaries, and always respect clients’ boundaries, especially around physical contact.

Maintain confidentiality and take steps to protect clients’ personal information.

Do not go where you are not trained and experienced to go.

Never over-promise or claim that Intention Tapping / IEP or you as practitioner can diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or psychiatric condition, or that Intention Tapping / IEP is a replacement for medical treatment.

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