Love, Laughter, and Liberation!

Lighten your life with Intention Tapping and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)

Learn how to create lasting emotional freedom with liberating laughter, warm-heartedness, and fun!

A “State of the Art” workshop with the latest developments in PET and Intention Tapping by Steve Wells.

Presented in English with Italian Translation

Presented By

Steve Wells

Creator of Intention Tapping and co-creator of PET

Desenzano at Lake Garda, Italy
18-20 October 2024

This workshop will show you how to relieve emotional challenges, get unstuck, and bring more love, laughter, and freedom into your life - And how to help others to do the same!

You’ll learn new ways to use intention and tapping to facilitate rapid emotional healing, and some powerful provocative patterns that haven’t been shared at previous workshops. You’ll learn how to improve your presence, create deeper connections, get quickly to the heart of issues, and release emotional pain with less suffering and more lightness.

Our Primary Topics and Focus:


What the world needs now is love. Instead, we seem to have more anger, conflict, and division than ever before. In this workshop we’ll explore how acceptance and love can bring inner peace on the way to bringing peace to the outside world. Learn how heart energy brings us together, and how it can be used to heal our deepest emotional wounds.


Nobody is laughing anymore, and everything seems so serious! But the tragic mask does not fully define the human condition; the comic mask does as well. Come to this workshop and learn how laughter can be liberating. Laugh at your inner demons and gain freedom to confront the outer ones too. Get infected with the provocative virus and learn to take life more lightly.


How are you stuck in your life? This workshop will give you powerful strategies to get unstuck. Are you free to achieve your goals and pursue your best interests? Are you free to live life as you decide? Are you free to connect with others and have positive relationships? When you gain an inner freedom you become freer in your outer pursuits as well.

Be warned!

This workshop is not for everyone. If you do not have a working sense of humour, or wish to resurrect one, it may not be for you. If you are upset by adult or politically incorrect language you should not attend, as PET deliberately uses adult language and exaggerates stereotypes and stuck thinking patterns to get you thinking and behaving in new ways.

Our Tools for Transformation :

This workshop is a unique integration of 3 powerful energy modalities:

Simple Energy Techniques (SET), Intention-Based Energy Process (IEP) / Intention Tapping, and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)


“A most fantastic experience …. you have taken this work to a whole new level… your work is the therapy of the future.” 

Sharon Toole, Psychotherapist, Toronto, Canada


“PET has shattered my previous belief system in such an empowering way that I have more fun in life, more fun in sessions, and most of all, better results with clients.”

Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier, Social Anxiety Coach, Netherlands

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Get to deep issues quickly and rapidly release emotional pain
  • Safely release and move beyond past traumas and hurts
  • Elegantly overcome resistance and make change easier - and fun!
  • Lighten up even very heavy issues with humour and paradox
  • Turn darkness into light, tears into laughter and despair into delight
  • Establish a powerful heart connection and presence with others
  • Access your strengths and resources and really feel your power
  • And help others to do the same!

Steve Wells with laughing female client at a PET Workshop in Italy

What Is Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)?

Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) is a unique advanced energy approach developed by Steve Wells and Dr David Lake from Australia, which combines energy tapping with humorous and paradoxical language patterns and techniques drawn from Provocative Therapy, Brief Strategic Therapy and the Therapy of Milton H Erickson. It is solidly based on heartfelt acceptance.

PET addresses the multi-level nature of problems through warmth, liberating laughter, and intuitive spontaneity – elegantly addressing both mind and body in change work. PET can make deep level changes fast, fun, and enjoyable for both clients and practitioners.

“PET makes impossible things possible… The Provocative Style was like having a sauna bath, relieving, refreshing, just great, clear thoughts, limiting beliefs gone.” 

Eva Maria Lundell, MD, Munich

What Is Intention Tapping / IEP?

Intention Tapping (also known as Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) is an amazing new approach for emotional empowerment discovered by Steve Wells that combines tapping with specific intentions to release emotional blocks, restore energy balance, and access your inner resources.

IEP’s intentions act as commands to your unconscious mind to release the emotional attachments behind your problems, relieve stress and body energy disturbances and restore your life energy to flow. The results are frequently surprising and positive. Intention Tapping combines these intentions with tapping using SET (see below) to create a powerful combination approach.

“I’ve been sharing the IEP with my clients and the results are fantastic! Everyone has experienced a noticeable release of intensity with a subsequent insight afterwards. IEP adds a feeling of power for many who have felt like a victim of their emotions.” Andy Bryce, Founding EFT Master, UK

What Is SET?

Simple Energy Techniques (SET) is a user-friendly energy tapping approach developed by Steve Wells and Dr David Lake which can provide significant relief for emotional problems and some physical problems. SET evolved from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and is equally effective, and more user-friendly and efficient.

How The Workshop Will Work:

In this practical and engaging workshop, Steve will demonstrate how you can use each of these 3 powerful energy approaches to help yourself and others to lighten up and enjoy life. There will be live demonstrations, practical and experiential exercises, Question and Answer, and small group practice sessions.

You’ll learn how to use Simple Energy Techniques (SET) to relieve negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, grief, trauma. Then you’ll learn how to combine SET with Intention-Based Energy Process (IEP) to create Intention Tapping and how to use it to rapidly release emotional hooks, restore clarity and calm, and access your inner resources and confidence.

Next, you’ll learn and experience some of the key patterns of Provocative Energy Techniques (PET), and how to use it to create deep heart-based connections, use humour for healing, and bring rapid relief to core issues.

At some point you will become infected with the Provocative Virus, a beneficial condition that brings inner freedom and lightness of being for which there is no cure - other than passing it on! The world needs this positive virus since too many people are infected with terminal seriousness!

Finally, you’ll learn how to combine these approaches into a powerful package for changing yourself and if you are a therapist or coach you’ll leave with some amazing new options for helping your clients.

Credit Towards Practitioner Certification

This workshop provides credit towards practitioner certification in both Intention Tapping and PET. The workshop is equivalent to Level 1 Intention Tapping training, the first step to certifying as an IEP practitioner. It also counts for 18 hours towards PET certification. More details on certification will be provided at the workshop and can be found at this webpage: IEP and PET Practitioner Certification

Who Should Attend

This Workshop is for you if you want to learn some powerful new ways to relieve stress and anxiety, release past hurts and future fears, and make positive changes in your life. It's also for coaches, counsellors and Energy Practitioners who want to learn some new ways to help clients to make rapid and lasting changes. It is particularly for those who value flexibility, acceptance, connection, warm-heartedness, and humour. EFT Practitioners will be pleasantly surprised by how IEP and PET can expand your options and accelerate your results in helping your clients.


Steve Wells is an internationally recognised peak performance consultant and leadership coach from Perth, Western Australia. Steve has been using and teaching Energy Techniques for the past 27 years and is co-developer (With Dr. David Lake) of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET), and the creator of Intention Tapping / IEP. He has helped many thousands of people to transform their lives and results through his worldwide programs.

Steve has a track record of using Energy Techniques to build and enhance peak performance in the corporate and sporting worlds, and has consulted with many corporate leaders and elite athletes to help them improve their performance and enhance the performance of their teams.

Steve is the author of 100% YES! and co-author of 5 other books, including the PET Manual, Enjoy Emotional Freedom, and New Energy Therapies. Steve’s special blend of humour and compassionate provocation means his trainings are always full of fun and laughter whilst dealing with deep issues.

What Others Say:

“Although I had been using EFT successfully with clients for several years, the fine tuning and addition of the PET Techniques profoundly expanded my effectiveness. I am amazed at how much more quickly and comfortably clients have been moving through their issues, pain, and trauma.”

Lynda Malerstein,

Power Journeys Hypnosis, USA

“I am doing the IEP with clients with outstanding results. The process is so fast, so causative, so moving and astonishing. I worked with a variety of topics and also friends with years-long experience with traditional tapping. The unanimous opinion is: Brilliant Tool…”

Kerstin Warkentin,

Deputy Chair of EFT DACH, Germany

“Steve’s style is really innovative, entertaining and certainly a must see for anyone who is really interested in mastering Energy Therapy.”

Tania Prince,

EFT Master And AAMETTrainer, UK

Workshop Details and Registration:

Dates And Times:

Friday 18 October 2024, 9.30am – 5.30pm

Saturday 19 October 2024, 9.30am – 5.30pm

Sunday 20 October 2024, 9.30am – 4.00pm

Extra IEP / PET Practice & Supervision Session (See below for details):

Monday 21 October 2024, 9.30am - 1.30pm


Hotel Europa, Lungolago C.Battisti, 71 -

25015 Desenzano del Garda (Brescia)

Tel: +39 030 9142333

fax: +39 030 9141006

e-mail: [email protected]


Note: The hotel has sold out of rooms however there are many other options for accommodation in Desenzano, including Hotel Aurora which is very close to our venue.

Registration Fees:

Early Bird (If paid by 30 June 2024): € 399

Full Fee (If paid after 30 June): € 499


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Although this workshop incorporates a number of evidence based approaches, IEP, SET and PET must still be considered experimental, with no guaranteed results for any individual. You must therefore agree to take full responsibility for your own mental, emotional and physical health and use of any techniques. If you have serious mental or physical health issues you should consult a physician or therapist. As with any approach to coaching and therapy, if you use PET without an open heart it can be destructive. It is up to you to keep your heart open and keep a good connection with anyone with whom you use these techniques. These approaches cannot be learned in their entirety from one workshop and you cannot become or claim to be an IEP or PET Practitioner just from this workshop; however you can learn enough to be humorously insufferable to your family and friends!!

Extra Half-day IEP and PET Supervision and Practice Session


Monday 21st October 9.30am – 1.30pm


The IEP and PET Supervision and Practice Session is an opportunity to continue and extend your learning on using these approaches to help others, especially for those who wish to pursue certification. It will give you the opportunity to spend time in a small group to practice IEP and PET, explore more protocols for using them to help others, and get expert supervision and feedback to improve your results. Steve will answer your questions on using these powerful techniques with different types of clients and how to troubleshoot difficult situations you need to deal with in coaching and counselling. There is also an opportunity for 1-2 participants to demonstrate their approach for certification (by application only), and everyone will learn from the feedback. AND it will be a lot of fun!

Strictly limited places in order of receipt of your registration!

Fee: € 89

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