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Intentional: Transform Your Life with Intention Tapping

A Unique 6-month Group Coaching Program Presented by Steve Wells

Join From the Safety and Comfort of Your Own Home from Anywhere in The World. Two Different Time Options – Choose the Best One to Suit Your Time Zone.

This program is for you if you want to learn how to use this amazing emotional healing approach to: 

What’s the aim and what will you gain?

The aim is to help you get unstuck and be free to live your life with more joy, more fun, less stress.

Imagine what your life would be like if you used Intention Tapping on an ongoing basis to manage stress, achieve goals and to make positive changes in your own life. That’s what this program offers you.

You’ll set some goals for change for the program and be supported throughout to achieve them. You’ll learn how to apply Intention Tapping to gain clarity, decide what you want, and release the resistance to taking action to make it happen. 

We’ll go beyond simple goal setting to consider what gives your life meaning, and what it would mean to live life intentionally, on purpose. What authentic happiness really is, for you. 

Steve will share what he’s learned on how to apply Intention Tapping to overcome your subconscious blocking beliefs AND give you some helpful tips and strategies for improving your results in any area of life.

The group will support you as you overcome your resistance, self-sabotage and procrastination, and get into action to make the changes you want and need to make to improve your life.

What is Intention Tapping / IEP

Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) is a new emotional healing process developed by Steve Wells that uses specific powerful intentions directed to the unconscious mind which often lead to impressive emotional and energetic shifts. Intention Tapping combines these intentions with acupoint tapping for rapid and lasting changes.
A growing evidence base has found acupoint tapping to be effective for resolving a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Intention Tapping also incorporates elements of mindfulness, imaginal exposure, breathing retraining, relaxation techniques and other evidence-based approaches.

“I was knocked out by how fast and versatile these processes are for shifting stuck and hard to work with difficulties… It’s fast, it’s simple and it allows your unconscious mind to do most of the work.”
- Andy Hunt, EFT International Trainer

How does Intention Tapping Work?

Intention Tapping targets the emotional attachments and body energy disturbances behind emotional problems, rather than just focusing on the thoughts themselves. This gentle and natural process often creates rapid positive shifts in thinking and feeling which are surprising and enduring.

IEP’s specific intentions act to release your emotional attachments to distressing thoughts, and restore your energy to balance and flow. As a consequence, you gain access to your inner strengths and resources for positive change.

When tapping is combined with IEP, the tapping works in concert with the powerful intentions to harmonize the feelings in the body and bring you back into emotional balance. Action becomes easier because you are aligned within. 

What we will Address

We’ll begin by identifying where you are stuck in your life and not making the progress you desire. You’ll learn how to apply Intention Tapping to gain relief, clarity, and energy for change in these areas.

We’ll consider the changes and transitions you need to make in your life stage: Whether you need to get a new job, change careers, start a business, find new friends, retire, or you find yourself having to adjust to new life circumstances, what we do here will empower you to make the transition much more smoothly.

Release stress and worries over the state of the world, or the conditions of your life, and learn to access your inner resources, energy, and confidence to move forward with more certainty. Find the clarity and certainty to take charge of your life decisions.

Have you found meaning in your life and a way of living that makes you happy? Are you living your life on purpose, and on your terms? Are you struggling to build a meaningful life after major changes? These are the  issues we’ll address in this program, and set goals for change that align with your most important values. 

Overcome your blocking beliefs, procrastination, and self-sabotage and get into action to achieve your goals. This is a key area for turning your life around and a major focus of this program. You’ll be supported in gaining clarity, getting started, gaining momentum and following through. 

What would it be like to live your life well not just exist? If you have felt that you could be getting more from life and enjoying your life more, this program will show you how to make that your reality. 

How It Will Work

The program consists of 12 x 100-minute group coaching sessions with Steve Wells live via video over a 6-month period. Steve will guide you in using Intention Tapping to release the emotional attachments behind your stress and restore your energy to balance and flow.

Steve will present both group and individual exercises and processes to support you to make changes in your inner world that will help you change your outer world where needed. This includes tips and strategies on using Intention Tapping to get unstuck and gain greater freedom in your life. 

In each session, Steve will tap live with volunteers. You can volunteer and there will also be the opportunity to tap along and borrow benefits when others are being coached.  You’ll also get tips for applying IEP outside the sessions to extend the changes you make in the group.

There will be regular Q&A segments where you can ask your questions. There will also be breakout sessions where you can tap with others in small groups and support each other to make changes and follow through on your goals. 

You also get the opportunity to join a private online community to ask, share, and support each other as you make the changes you desire. Steve will regularly offer tips, helpful ideas and support.

You will get the recordings of each session (technology willing) to view and review as often as you like, and as a bonus you will get the recordings for BOTH groups, so you can tap along, borrow benefits, and gain from the tips shared in that group.

You will also be given access to some basic videos where Intention Tapping is explained so that you can “hit the ground running” in the group sessions.

Important Note: This is not for everyone! To join this group program you must have a working sense of humour and be unconcerned with politically incorrect language as Steve also uses Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) which deliberately uses and exaggerates stereotypes and rigid thinking patterns to get you thinking in new ways! Steve also has a flexible approach and adapts to the needs of the group members, so if you prefer tight structures this may not be the program for you (unless you want to release the need to control everything and learn an easier way of getting results!)


Steve Wells is an internationally recognised leadership coach and peak performance consultant from Perth, Western Australia. He regularly consults and presents unique personal development and professional training programs worldwide.

Steve worked in several specialist psychology and leadership roles prior to starting his own training and development business in 1996. He is a pioneer in Energy Psychology and has been teaching and researching EP Techniques for the past 26 years. He conducted the first randomised control trial of EFT for treating specific phobias and continues to research new developments.

He is the developer of Intention Tapping / IEP and co-creator (with Dr. David Lake) of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET).

Steve is author of 100% YES! The Energy of Success and co-author of 5 other books, including Enjoy Emotional Freedom and New Energy Therapies. Steve’s programs are always inspiring and filled with practical techniques you can use immediately to get better results – with less stress. 

Dates And Times

There will be 12 group sessions over a 6-month period. 2 group / time options.

9am (Group 1) or 4pm (Group 2) Perth Western Australia time (GMT+8) on the following dates:

Use the links for each group time to find the date and time of that session in your time zone.

US/Canada participants: 9am Perth time calls will be the day before (i.e. Monday afternoon or evening).

Session 1: 23 January 20249:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 2: 6 February9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 3: 20 February9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 4: 5 March9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 5: 19 March9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 6: 26 March9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 7: 9 April9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 8: 23 April9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 9: 14 May9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 10: 21 May9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 11: 11 June9:00am Call4:00pm Call
Session 12: 25 June9:00am Call4:00pm Call

New to Intention Tapping? Don’t worry, you’ll be given access to some basic videos where Intention Tapping is demonstrated and explained so that you can “hit the ground running” in the group sessions.


Bonus # 1: Along with receiving the recordings from your group, you’ll also receive the recordings for the other group sessions (technology willing). All up that’s 24 session recordings!

Bonus # 2: You will also get instant access to the program recordings for The Power of Intention Tapping (originally valued at $299). This program includes over 6 hours of video on how to use Intention Tapping to change your life. It’s a perfect practical introduction and overview to how to use this powerful approach. 

Bonus # 3: You will also get instant access to recordings of Overcome Procrastination with Intention Tapping (valued at $299)! This program includes over 6 hours of video on how to use Intention Tapping to overcome your resistance to taking action on your goals. 

The total value of these bonuses is over $598!

Register To Join A Group

Registrations are now open!

Register for Group 1 (9am Perth) or Group 2 (4pm Perth),
Indicate your chosen group when you pay:

Early bird Discount (By 31 December): $497 or $90 per month x 6 months ($540)

Regular fee (After 31 December): $597 or $110 per month x 6 months ($660)


Single Payment

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Monthly Payment

Join for 6 x monthly payments of $90

Early bird Discount (By 31 December): $377 or $70 per month x 6 months ($420)

Regular fee: $447 or $80 per month x 6 months ($480) 

Single Payment

Join now for US$377 one-time

Monthly Payment

Join now for 6 x monthly payments of US$70

Please Note: No refunds are available. Please make the commitment to see this through prior to signing up!

Enquiries and Phone Registration:

Within Australia: 08 9271 9271
International: +61 8 9271 9271
Email contact form

Important Requirements:

We will be using Zoom video conferencing which requires you to have a computer, phone, or tablet with internet connection and a camera / webcam. We’ll send you a link for each call and you’ll simply click on the link to join.

You will be responsible for connecting with the calls, and having a working video, microphone and speakers. If a call doesn’t happen due to a problem on our end, another call will be scheduled at a future date on similar day of week and time, and you will be advised.

Recording: By participating in the calls, you give permission to being recorded. You must agree not to copy or share them with others. Also, recordings will only be provided technology willing and are not guaranteed so you are highly recommended to attend the sessions live.

Important: This is a coaching and education program and is not designed to treat severe or complex trauma or to treat or cure any disease. Your participation in or viewing the program is contingent on your agreeing to take full responsibility for your own mental, emotional and physical health and use of any of the material or techniques used or shown in the program. 

You must also acknowledge that some of the techniques Steve will be using are still considered experimental with no guaranteed outcomes for any particular user. You further must agree to consult your physician or professional therapist regarding your participation in the program and use of the techniques if you are dealing with mental or physical health issues.


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