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Intention Tapping Practitioner Extension Program

Extension and development for Intention Tapping practitioners and advanced students*

The aim of this program is to facilitate experiences where you develop as a practitioner, learn and practice advanced skills, and support you as you continually improve your work with clients to get better results using Intention Tapping.
Is this a Level 3 Advanced Training? No. At this stage I am not offering a Level 3 training, although some elements of what might be included in a Level 3 training will be in this program.

This is an opportunity to keep the momentum going, extend your learning, and build your capacity for working more effectively with clients using Intention Tapping.

AND I dearly want to work with those of you who want to do more advanced level work with Intention Tapping!
You will also have an opportunity to connect and practice with other practitioners and advanced students, get feedback to improve your approach, and build supportive relationships with your peers. 
* Prerequisites: As a minimum participants must have completed Level 2 Intention Tapping training and be actively working with clients. Those in the current Level 2 program are not eligible for this first round.

Potential Topics, “Wish List”, and Focus:

  • Reviewing the essentials of Intention Tapping and guided change
  • Working with heart energy
  • Developing your presence and holding space for clients
  • Improving your quality of attention: seeing, listening, feeling, sensing, and responding
  • Working with energy, following energy and emotion
  • Calibrating and timing your responses to the client
  • Effective targeting / Using Intention statements and tapping in more powerful ways
  • Experimenting with intention and ways of influencing energy
  • Working creatively and improving your intuitive capabilities
  • Connecting more effectively with clients; adapting to their communication style and energy
  • Acceptance and utilization: Learning to accept whatever the client brings and use it to facilitate change
  • Troubleshooting for your difficult clients and issues
  • Integrating Intention Tapping into counselling, coaching, and therapy
  • Opportunities for energy coaching on your issues, and to tap along and borrow benefits when others work
  • Integrating provocation, paradox and humour in your sessions

There will also be some scope to discuss practice issues such as gaining clients and building a practice.
You will also get access to the recordings of both groups. By participating you give permission to being recorded.
Can this count for my mentoring requirements? No. Although there will be an opportunity for supervision and mentoring from me in the program, this will not replace your ongoing mentoring requirements for practitioners or count towards mentor hours for those who are yet to apply for certification.

Develop yourself as a healing source.

The primary focus is developing you, fostering and improving your capacity to work effectively with clients, developing your ability to follow, accept, and work with energy and emotions. Skills development will be an important part but is not as important as working on how YOU are when you are with your clients. Therefore, there will be a big emphasis on the personal aspects of this work rather than just techniques.

How is this different to the Uncommon Energy Practitioners Groups? The main difference is the purity of focus on Intention Tapping in this program whereas in the UEP groups a wide range of approaches are accepted. We will be focusing on developing further skills and building capacity in working with Intention Tapping as the primary modality, i.e., developing your heart, integrity, and proficiency in using IEP.

Group Commitment:

For the group to develop a strong connection and trust, along with the capacity to support each other quite deeply, you must to commit up-front to the entire program. 
You must maintain confidentiality when discussing your clients and those of others, and material shared by group members.
Recordings are for private use only for those in the program. You must agree not to share the recordings with anyone outside this program.

Dates and Details: 

Sessions will be approximately 100 minutes each via zoom video.
Group 1: Click on the dates to find the day and time of each call in your own time zone.
9am Perth West Australia time (GMT + 8) on Thursdays 9 November, 16 November, 7 December, 4 January, 25 January, 22 February, 14 March.
This will be 5pm US Pacific / 8 pm US Eastern Time on Wednesdays 8 November, 15 November, 6 December, 3 January, 24 January, 21 February, and 6pm US Pacific / 9pm US Eastern time on Wednesday 13 March.
Group 2: Click on the dates to find the day and time of each call in your time zone.
4pm Perth West Australia time (GMT+8) on Thursdays 9 November, 16 November, 7 December, 4 January, 25 January, 22 February, 14 March.
Groups will run if we get at least 8 participants in each group. At this stage I’m not putting a cap on numbers as I want to offer everyone who wants to develop their skills and capacity an opportunity to be involved. This may change in future.

Register Here: Choose your group time on enrolment.

Register in Australian Dollars:

AUD$399 for all 7 x 90-minute sessions:  Click here to register for $399
OR: 4 x monthly installments of AUD$110 (Total AUD$440): Click here to register via monthly payments

Register in US Dollars:

US$289 for all 7 x 90-minute sessions: Click here to register for US$289
OR: 4 x monthly installments of US$75 (Total US$300): Click here to register via US$ monthly pay

No refunds are available, for any reason.

Enquiries and Phone Orders:

Call within Australia: 08 9271 9271
International Callers: +61 8 9271 9271
Email: Use this contact form 

Additional Information: 

You will be responsible for connecting with the calls, and having internet connection, working video, microphone and speakers. If a call doesn’t happen due to a problem on our end, another call will be scheduled on similar day of week and time and you will be advised.
Recordings will only be provided technology willing and thus are not guaranteed so you are highly recommended to attend the sessions live.