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Intention Tapping Live Online Level 1 Workshop August 2021

Intention Tapping Live Online Level 1 Workshop

Transform your life and help others with new Intention-based Energy Process (IEP)

Live Online Workshop Presented by Steve Wells
Saturday 28, Sunday 29 August and Saturday 4 September 2021 (4 hours each day)*

USA / Canada / NZ / Australia-friendly times:

Perth: 8am – 12pm   Sydney: 10am – 2pm   Auckland: 12pm – 4pm

* US / Canada: 5pm – 9pm Pacific,  8pm – 12midnight Eastern,  on 27-28 August, and 3 September

Join from the safety and comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world.

In this special 3-part workshop presented live online via zoom video the creator of Intention Tapping / IEP Steve Wells will show you how to use this exciting new emotional healing technique to create powerful positive changes for yourself and others.

Using IEP you can quickly quiet your mind, calm your emotions and access your inner resources.

This workshop is open to everyone who wants to learn Intention Tapping for self-help and for helping others. It is also the first step for those who would like to become certified as practitioners in Intention Tapping / IEP.

Bonus: You will also receive the recordings to view and review the program as many times as you like.

What You’ll Learn:

In this engaging, practical and fun workshop, you’ll learn the foundational principles and techniques of Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), also known as Intention Tapping, and how to use it to free yourself and others from negative emotions and negative thought patterns.

You’ll learn how to use IEP to release emotional blocks that have been holding you back in key areas of your life, so you can be free to step up in your career, business, relationships, finances, health… whatever area you choose.

If you are a counsellor, coach, therapist, or energy practitioner you will learn how to use IEP to help your clients rapidly release their inner resistance to creating positive changes, and access their energy and power for change. You’ll leave with new skills for working with difficult issues.

“I was knocked out by how fast and versatile these processes are for shifting stuck and hard to work with difficulties… It’s fast, it’s simple and it allows your unconscious mind to do most of the work.”
– Andy Hunt, EFT International Trainer

What is IEP / Intention Tapping?

Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) is a new emotional healing process developed by Steve Wells that uses specific definite intentions to target the emotional disturbances behind problems, often resulting in impressive emotional and energetic shifts. Intention Tapping combines IEP’s intentions with acupoint tapping for rapid and lasting changes.

A growing evidence base has found acupoint tapping to be effective for resolving a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Intention Tapping also incorporates elements of  mindfulness, imaginal exposure, breathing retraining, relaxation techniques and other evidence-based approaches.

How does it work?

IEP targets the emotional attachments and body energy disturbances behind emotional problems, rather than just focusing on the thoughts themselves.

This gentle and natural process often creates rapid positive shifts in thinking and feeling which are surprising and enduring.

IEP’s intentions act as commands to your unconscious mind to release the emotional attachments to distressing thoughts, unblock body energy disturbances that have become connected to that, and restore your life energy to balance and flow.

As a consequence, you rapidly regain access to your inner strengths and resources for positive change.

When tapping is combined with IEP, the tapping works in concert with the powerful intentions to harmonize the feelings in the body and bring you back into emotional balance.

“I am doing the IEP with clients with outstanding results. The process is so fast, so causative, so moving and astonishing. I worked with a variety of topics and also friends with years-long experience with traditional tapping. The unanimous opinion is: brilliant tool…
– Kerstin Warkentin, Deputy Chair of EFT DACH (EFT Assoc for Germany, Austria & Switzerland)

How the workshop will work:

We’ll meet live online via zoom video, where everyone can see and interact with each other just like in a live workshop. All you’ll need is an internet connection and a laptop, device or computer with camera and microphone.

Steve will teach you how to use Intention Tapping both for self-help and to help others via live demonstrationsexperiential exercises, and small group practice sessions, with plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and to experience and practice the techniques.

First, you’ll learn tapping using Simple Energy Techniques (SET), and how to use it to relieve  negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, grief, past hurts, and also for pain relief.  SET evolved from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and is more user-friendly and efficient. This gentle and natural approach of tapping on energy points on the body often brings significant emotional and physical relief.

Next, you’ll learn the core intentions of Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) and how to combine them with SET tapping: Intention Tapping. You’ll learn how to apply IEP / Intention Tapping to release the emotional triggers and hooks behind emotional issues, restore clarity and calm, and access inner resources. You’ll also learn the basic principles and practices for applying IEP to help others and how this can be combined with other techniques in coaching, counselling and therapy.

Steve will also touch on Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) and how it can be combined with IEP and SET to enhance the results. PET is an advanced approach that combines tapping with provocative language patterns and a strong heart connection to create deep changes through warmth, humor and liberating laughter.  Although this is not a PET Workshop, by observing Steve you’ll see powerful ways to overcome resistance, use humor, create strong heart connections, and bring rapid relief to core issues. Those who wish may choose to pursue further training in this approach.

You’ll leave with new techniques and tools to free yourself (and others) to achieve your goals and enjoy life without fighting yourself to do it.

Who will benefit?

You, or anyone you help who is affected by fear, anxiety, grief, guilt, past trauma and hurt, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, or procrastination.

Coaches, counsellors, therapists, EFT/tapping practitioners, & people helpers who wish to improve their results with clients and learn new techniques for overcoming resistance and creating lasting change.

This workshop is also the first step towards certification as a practitioner in Intention Tapping / IEP. Find more about practitioner certification here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have a working sense of humor and be unconcerned with politically incorrect language as PET deliberately plays with stereotypes and challenges rigid thinking patterns to get you thinking and feeling in new ways.

What people say:

“Hands down the best, most useful and relevant workshop I have been to in years. I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of the weekend. Wow was I surprised. The IEP workshop was inspirational, powerful, fun and effective. Sometimes one just forgets the greatness of tools and the Intention-based Energy Process (that I have already been using) has blown me away. Thanks so much Steve, I went home empowered.
– Megan Pauley, Bowen Therapist, Pingelly, Western Australia

“I’ve been sharing the IEP with my clients to test it out and I must say the results are fantastic! Everyone has experienced a noticeable release of intensity with a subsequent insight afterwards. IEP adds a feeling of power for many who have felt like a victim of their emotions.” 
– Andy Bryce, Founding EFT Master, UK

“The speed and ease of this process makes it very powerful and wide ranging in a way that standard EFT/tapping (which is excellent) can’t manage… Apart from the speed the other wow factor for me is the harnessing of the unconscious mind to do what it does best by following its own links and associations which are hidden from our own conscious mind. In my opinion the combination of power and grace in the ‘Intention Tapping’ processes are worth their weight in gold.”
– Andy Hunt, EFT International Trainer, NLP Trainer, Practical Wellbeing, UK

“I went in a sceptic and left feeling very convinced that SET and intention tapping has a definite therapeutic role in my clinical practice and personally. The workshop itself was well structured, I particularly enjoyed the group and one-on-one demonstrations. Thank you again for a very educational weekend!”
– Ssu-An Lin, Palliative Medicine Specialist, New Zealand


Steve Wells is an internationally recognised leadership coach and peak performance consultant from Perth, Western Australia. He regularly consults and presents unique personal development and professional training programs worldwide.

Steve worked in several specialist psychology and leadership roles prior to starting his own training and development business in 1996. He is a pioneer in Energy Psychology and has been teaching and researching EP Techniques for the past 22 years. He published the first randomised control trial of EFT for treating specific phobias. He is co-creator (with Dr. David Lake) of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET), and developer of Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) / Intention Tapping.

Steve is author of 100% YES! The Energy of Success and co-author of 5 other books, including Enjoy Emotional Freedom and New Energy Therapies. Steve’s workshops are always inspiring and filled with practical techniques you can use immediately to get better results – with less stress

Workshop Details

Dates and Times: This  level 1 workshop runs over 3 days, 4 hours each day.

Click on the dates below to check the day and time of that session in your time zone!

From 8am to 12pm Perth Western Australia time (GMT + 8) on the following dates: 

Saturday 28 August 2021

Sunday 29 August 2021

Saturday 4 September 2021

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: 10am – 2pm each day  I  Adelaide: 9.30am – 1.30pm each day  I Auckland: 12 noon – 4pm each day  

US/Canada: Each session will be the day prior for you: 5pm – 9pm Pacific / 8pm – 12 midnight Eastern on August 27, August 28 & September 3.

Registration is now open!

Register in Australian Dollars:

Earlybird: $297 (If you register by 21 August 2021)

Full Fee: $397 (if you register after 21 August)

Click here to register securely in Aussie dollars

Register in US Dollars:

Earlybird: $227 (If you register by 21 August 2021)

Full fee: $297 (after 21 August)

Click here to register securely in US Dollars

Cancellation policy: No refunds, however your place is transferable to another person subject to prior written notification and confirmation by us.


Use this Contact form to contact us via email

Phone Enquiries:

Within Australia: 08 9271 9271

International: +61 8 9271 9271

Important Requirements: 

Technology: We will be using Zoom video conferencing which is just like a live workshop where you can see everyone else in the group. You’ll need to download the latest zoom application prior to the first session from

You will be responsible for connecting with the calls, and having working video, microphone and speakers. If a call doesn’t happen due to a problem on our end, another call will be scheduled at a future date on same day of week and time and you will be advised.

Participation: By participating in the calls, you give permission to being recorded. Also, recordings will only be provided technology willing and are not guaranteed so you are highly recommended to attend the sessions live.

Participation in this workshop series is contingent on your acknowledging that you take full responsibility for your own mental, emotional and physical health. You also must acknowledge that many of the techniques used are experimental with no guaranteed outcomes for any particular user, and just because results have been positive for others does not mean they will be for you. You further agree to consult your physician or professional therapist regarding your use of the techniques, especially if you are dealing with mental or physical health issues