Webinar Recordings: Stop Holding Yourself Back! How to get Unstuck and Say 100% YES! to Your Goals

By Steve Wells

In these recordings from his free webinars, Steve Wells, creator of Intention Tapping, shows you how to use this amazing approach to get over your inner blocks and barriers and get into action. Two webinars were held on the same topic and the recordings of both webinars are below. Each webinar  includes a unique tapping demo of Intention Tapping with a live volunteer. We hope you enjoy watching and learning and tapping along to borrow benefits!

Webinar Recording for Group 1:

To download the slides used in the webinar click here

Want to learn more about Intention Tapping?

100% YES! Group Coaching Program: Work live with Steve Wells in a supportive small group where you'll learn how to use Intention Tapping to get clear on your own unique vision, values and goals, and release whatever’s holding you back from really going for it! Find out more at: https://www.eftdownunder.com/yes-tapping-group/

Intention Tapping level 1 Workshops: This is your first step if you want to really learn how to use this amazing approach to help yourself and (if you choose) help others. You can find full details of all upcoming workshops at: https://intentiontapping.com/events-training/

Webinar Recording for Group 2:

To download the slides used in the webinar click here

Want to learn more?

To learn more about Intention Tapping click here

To find out about training in Intention Tapping click here

4 Replies to “Free Webinars: Get Unstuck & Say 100% YES! to Your Goals”

Anne Marie Gillies

Sorry I missed the live event but just tuned in to the recording
Wonderful. The second one around values was particularly helpful
Many thanks 🙏

Steve Wells

Thanks Anne I’m glad you found it helpful.


Hi Steve
and a friendly “Hello” from Germany.
Have watched both recordings, borrowing benefits that did not all become conscious.
Anyway: Always great to see the virtuoso at work!! 🙂

Steve Wells

Hi Detlev, Good to hear from you, don’t worry the mind is often the last to know! 🙂


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