In this webinar Steve Wells, creator of Intention Tapping, outlines and demonstrates how you can use this new emotional healing process to free yourself from the stresses of living in a world which always seems to be at war, where everyone seems to be offended, angry, or upset at someone or something. Learn how Intention Tapping can also help you calm the inner war with your critical, judging and warring thoughts and feelings. You'll learn how to experience more peace within, the starting point for peace in the world.

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4 Replies to “Intention Tapping for Inner Peace Webinar Recording”

gail riley

Enjoyed watching and listening to this podcast and had many personal insights along the way. For me – the choice of WORDS is what works? I relate better with replacing the word “release” to “I let go”…personal word use is the revelation while watching this video. The other wording change for me personally is..”I let IN …” rather than “restore.”
Thanks loads for doing what you’re doing and sharing!!

Steve Wells

Hi Gail, Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it helpful. Whilst you are always free to play around and use what works for you, the intentions used in Intention Tapping have a specific focus and purpose AND have been proven time and again in many thousands of applications with thousands of people worldwide. Whilst letting go seems similar to releasing, it does actually have emotional attachments for some people. And the restoring of energy flow is based on the assumption that the problem is caused by a disturbance, reduction, or block in energy flow, and there is no need to put something “in” to make you better, just to restore your system’s natural flow. Again, I encourage you to play around and experiment and always do what works for you.

Kathryn Vaughn

So sorry I missed the live session, I had a City Council meeting the exact same time! As always, watching you tap people right out of their misery is
seems brand new every time. I tap your way every day, it keeps me sane and balanced!Thank you so very very much! KV

Steve Wells

Hi Kathryn, That’s why we have the recordings! Glad you are finding the tapping works for you, keep it up and keep spreading the word!


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