How (and why) I overcame my resistance and became a practitioner

By Sally Rundle

It was June 2021 and I was going through the IEP level 2 training with Steve. I was diligently showing up for the online sessions, doing practice sessions with other participants and intent on getting the most from the experience. My goal was to bring IEP into my corporate coaching and leadership development work.  

During the program Steve introduced the practitioner certification process and talked about the various parts that were required to become accredited. As Steve talked, I noticed my resistance to the idea of going along the certification path. I remember thinking, “No way, I’m not doing another qualification…no more quals, I can’t do another one, I’m done!” With that in mind, I kept showing up to the online classes, doing the learning, applying the techniques with other “IEP-students” along with getting good results with my coaching clients. Each time Steve discussed the certification process, I was getting “No way!” resistance.

Then one day in late February 2022, I had just finished a coaching zoom session with a client. By using IEP with her, she was able to release her attachments to some long-held beliefs and emotional resistance keeping her in a holding pattern at work. She had responded so well to IEP and wanted to do more. As I reflected on the power of IEP for coaching, I heard a quiet, clear voice say, “Just get it done… just get it done” (‘it’ being the IEP certification). “Humm” I thought, “That’s not what I had in mind”. The sensation that went with “just get it done” was one of being gently pulled forward in a positive momentum. At the same time, I had a clear knowing that doing the certification would open opportunities that I hadn’t even considered and it would create new pathways in my business. Over the next few weeks, that same voice returned several times with a firm and gentle nudge, saying “just get it done”.

Late March, I reached out to Shirley Martin, one of the IEP mentors. I’d worked with Shirley as a mentor during the training program and loved her approach. She is wise, skillful and holds space with patience, grace and insight. I asked if she would be my certification mentor. That meant we would go on the journey together. I would deliver the three case studies – two client case studies, one with a client and the other my personal case study. The third piece was a video case study of a client session. I choose to work with Shirley on the application process as I wanted a consistent perspective, voice and flow of the conversation and process.

Shirley paced the process beautifully. We agreed how we would work together - I would prepare the first case study, she would give feedback and then we would do a debrief on zoom. From there, I would take that feedback and realisations and apply them to the next case study and so on. With regards to feedback, I want to acknowledge Shirley’s style.

I noticed that the perfectionist part of me wanted to “get it right” and in Australian business culture, even the word “feedback” can be triggering (often implying that the person has done something wrong). It was the opposite with Shirley who was a wonderful mentor – her feedback, support and encouragement so valuable and motivating. She was positive and constructive in our discussions, and this built rapport and trust between us. In her written feedback, she focused on what was working and what I was doing well and suggested useful ways to strengthen and adjust my approach. I left each call feeling affirmed, more confident and motivated wanting to go forward.

In the feedback from my personal case study, Shirley identified that next growth edge for me was finding the stronger emotional target.  She encouraged me to stay with the resistance and be open to triggering aspects until the client lets me know there is nothing more. In the video case study, I found myself staying with the fears and being willing to ‘go to the dark side’ which helped the client with deeper core resistance. This was a growth point for me.

Shirley and I started the process together in mid-April, and I was able to send my case studies and video together with the feedback from Shirley through to Steve by the end of May. The final session with Steve in mid-June was another positive learning experience and I took away some more ‘gems’ to add to my awareness and practitioner toolkit. For example, when checking in with someone, I tended to ask, “What are you feeling” rather than “What are you noticing?” That’s because I have a feeling preference, whereas clients may not have that preference or be aware of feelings at all. I was also using “restore the right energy flow and balance” together each time, rather than separating them. I am now playing with using them separately and watching the impact. Another realisation is that I tended to say “tap through that” after the intention statement rather than saying “just tap and let it do whatever it does. And let me know whatever you notice.” I had got myself into habits that I’m now paying attention to. I was also reminded to “go global” sometimes rather than always chunking down to the detail in the intention statements. My training in mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) gives attention to identifying the sub modalities in the body and energy field. So, I am now focused on ‘chunking up’ more with clients and noticing what emerges.

For someone who was resistant, how do I see it now?

I have a sense of fulfilment having completed the certification. Looking back, it is a manageable process and very rewarding learning experience. I am using IEP with a whole range of my corporate and personal clients and have more confidence in working with emotional resistance and tough issues. I am a better practitioner as a result of going through the certification. If you are considering it, I would encourage you and say, “just get it done!”. The mentors will help you through, the learning is fantastic, and it will help you grow as a practitioner.

Dr. Sally Rundle is a corporate coach and energy intuitive who works with leaders to help them be their best personally and professionally. She is also now a certified Intention Tapping / IEP Practitioner. Find out more about Sally and all our IEP practitioners here

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