By Alistair Richardson

When I was at university (both times!) I could only make myself write a required essay one week before the deadline. I tried hard to break this pattern…but to no avail.

I just accepted that this was how I worked and justified it by comparing it to a chemistry experiment where an inert substance only reacts when there is enough atmospheric pressure!

I was reasonably successful with this strategy, getting a BA Hons 2/1 in Social Sciences and a credit in my MSc degree. I then swore to myself that I would never write another essay in my life. A friend and mentor of mine asked me how old the part of me who swore that oath was, and I immediately and proudly stated, ‘Seven!’

Fast forward 15 years to my Intention Energy Process/Intention Tapping Practitioner course in 2021. I had been using EFT for nearly 20 years. I had cleared away that oath I made already. I had been using IEP for 2 years at least, with many of my clients. I had done a 3 day in person training with Steve on using IEP for treating trauma. I had regular group supervision with Steve Wells where he, I and others demonstrated Intention Tapping and other transformational techniques on each other… And he expected me to do 2 written case studies (essays!) on clients, one on myself and an hour-long video demonstration of me using Intention Tapping!  Even though he had video of me using it proficiently in his Supervision groups already!

I mentioned my resistance to doing the case study process in one of the supervision sessions. Steve used IEP with me and an inner rebellious teenager part of me showed up saying, ‘No-one tells me what to do!’ Steve used IEP on me and we started to clear some of my blocks.  He also explained that by going through the process and clearing all of my blocks to it, that it would be very healing and valuable for me. I liked this reframe. It was another ‘healing opportunity’, as Gary Craig used to say!

I did the rest myself. Here I will share some of that journey. I used statements like,

I release all my emotional attachments to, ‘I should not have to do a case study as I am already using it very well.’

I release all of my emotional attachments to it’s not fair.

I release all of my emotional attachments to, ‘It’s only a piece of paper.’

I restore the right energy flow to this anger in my stomach.

Then I felt the overwhelm and sadness of my mother getting worse with Altzheimer’s next door to me.

I release all of my emotional attachments to all this overwhelm.

I restore the right energy flow to this sadness.

I release all of my emotional attachments to ‘I have too much on my plate already and I do not have enough time’.

This tapping freed me up. I then went through a building commitment and motivation process to starting and completing my case studies within 3 months, which I learnt from Steve Wells (this comes from his 100% YES! programs).

I released all of my emotional attachments to each of the following statements and to everything each one revealed, in turn.

I wish to do my case studies.

I want to do my case studies.

I plan to do my case studies.

I will do my case studies.

I will start my case studies this week and finish them within three months.

For each of these statements I also used the releasing resistance and aversion statement, for example, I release all of my resistances and aversions to ’I wish to do my case studies’

If an emotion or memory came into my awareness, I released all my emotional attachments to the memory or restored the right energy flow to the emotion.

The results were amazing.

If you remember I had never managed to force myself to do an essay until a week before an externally imposed deadline, all my life. Now I found myself setting myself my own deadlines and sticking to them, and … wait for it…enjoying myself!

After following this process, I finished all my written case studies within 3 weeks (I had already done the video earlier).

More than that though, I overcame a lifelong self-limiting pattern that I had already accepted as, ‘just the way I am’. That has given me deep faith and inspiration that with IEP, and yes, sometimes with help from others, I can overcome any limitation in my life. That is Freedom!

Alistair Richardson became one of the first 10 certified Intention Tapping Practitioners after overcoming his procrastination! Alistair specialises in helping people to heal from childhood trauma, co-dependency and addiction and in empowering people to achieve success in their lives. He is passionate about supporting clients in breaking free from generational trauma.

You can find out more about Alistair at his website and contact him at: [email protected]

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